pointless international
brings medley

imagine three clowns
acts, some more than two hundred years old
still hilarious, witty and compelling
imagine a circus of clowns
imagine pointless international
brings poly-interpretability

imagine to be or not to be

with love,
coco, buster, joey and sugar

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what says the press about 'pointless international'

**** 'what better mirror can you hold to humanity?'
(Sander Janssens, Theaterkrant, 4 Nov. 2017)
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'They are examplelessly good, these four clowns."
(Loek Zonneveld, De Groene Amsterdammer, 30 Nov. 2017)
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**** ' Clowns who come on stage with empty hands and effortlessly create comedy out of thin air.'
(RiRo,12 Oct. 2017)
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**** ‘It’s not only to laugh, but also admirable skillful and very clever thought about.’
(Karin Veraart, de Volkskrant, 16 juni 2014)
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**** ‘The four of them are grandiose: tragic and laughable, provocative and admirable, chaotic and insane.’
(Joukje Akveld, Parool, 16 juni 2014)
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**** ‘It's a hurricane, this sweet war of laughter.’
(Loek Zonneveld, Theaterkrant, 14 juni 2014)
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*** 'Pointless International is largely real clown theater full of virtuoso stunts and hilarious jokes with, admittedly, the occasional literary quotation.’
(Sara van der Kooi, Trouw, 16 juni 2014)
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**** ‘a serie of succeeded failures’
(Eric Nederkoorn, Dagblad van het Noorden, 4 okt 2014)
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‘The utility of futility’
by Gladys Vantrepotte - Pointless International in Théâtre Garonne, Toulouse (France) - 21 december 2015
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Interview with Buster, Joey and Coco

by Erik Bindervoet

So, anyway. The day started slowly, tentatively, hesitatingly, as did the conversation, as did this sentence, like some forgotten, distant fight song from the Caribbean where hurricane Irma was raging at the time. The first to arrive in their favorite haunt for interviews, the shimmering lounge of the Schiller Hotel at the Amsterdam Rembrandtplein, was Joey. I catch him assiduously reading some pages of script for the new show. – I have to make a selection out of it, he says. Because my friends are too lazy to do that. Or too dumb. I might just as well go it alone. Joey goes solo!
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